If I hadn't figured it out myself,
I wouldn't believe it was possible.

A Road to Recovery call is a compassionate conversation that leads to a new understanding of your situation and the realization that change is possible.

It’s called a Road to Recovery call because it works like GPS. Your GPS needs 3 data points to work effectively for you:

  1. Your current location.
  2. Your desired destination.
  3. Road maps to provide the most efficient route.

I ask you some questions to help us both understand where you are now. Then we identify where you’d like to be in your own life and supporting your child, and what your life will be like with a few changes.

At the end of the call, I will tell you about my program including some specific things we’d work on (the roadmap) to get to your desired destination.

This all happens in a judgment-free container with a mother who understands the challenges of loving a child through their addiction.  

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