Is your peace of mind and happiness worth $99?

  • Learn how to navigate parenting a child who is abusing substances without losing your mind – be confident that you know how to help and support them in the best way for both of you.
  • Create a better relationship with your child – end the fights and recreate the closeness you lost when they started abusing substances.
  • Regain control of your life – learn how to get addiction out of the driver’s seat of your life and put yourself back in control.

Can you imagine waking up rested because you slept all night and then realizing you have peace of mind and happiness for the first time since your child’s substance abuse started?

It’s possible.

When you open your eyes in the morning after a restless night with little sleep and your first thought is your child, do you feel a knot in your stomach and dread in your chest because you have to face another day of their substance abuse?

Do you then spend your days so worried about your child and distracted by what’s happening in their life that you are barely functioning?

It’s no way to live your life!

You are not alone

I’m Heather Ross and I’m a certified life coach. Take a deep breath and let out a huge sigh of relief because I’ve got you. 

I know you’ve tried everything you can think of to help your child, but nothing is working, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. 

I live the daily life of a mother whose child abuses substances. 

You are in a judgement free zone with me; I’ve been through it all.

I have felt the same pain you have.

I don’t want any mother to experience the pain I did for any longer than they have to.

The mothers I work with come to me because they’re mentally and emotionally exhausted, consumed with their child’s substance abuse, and feel like they have no control of their lives.

But, I’ve got a solution for that……

How does it work?

  • It starts with a FREE no obligation 45 minute coaching call where you get to see what it is like to work with me
  • We work together one on one to help you reclaim control of your life whether your child is sober or still abusing substances
  • We do our weekly coaching on a video conferencing program or phone calls so you can do it from your car, house, or wherever you want 
  • You also get a written weekly program that gives you more information about everything I teach you on our calls and you can email or text me between coaching calls with any questions you have.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn how to navigate parenting a teen/young adult who is abusing substances without losing your mind – Can you imagine feeling confident in your parenting decisions instead of constantly second guessing yourself? It’s possible
  • A better relationship with your child – Can you imagine no longer arguing or hearing how much they hate you every time you see or talk to them? It’s possible
  • You controlling your life again instead of substance abuse controlling it – Can you imagine getting off the roller coaster ride and setting the tone of your life instead of bracing yourself for what their addiction might do to you today? It’s possible

What’s wrong with it? What’s the catch? Why is it only $99? (you know you’re thinking it)

Until recently, I only offered 1:1 coaching sessions without a written program so the written portion of the program is new. I want to take a few people through the written program along with the 1:1 coaching to make sure it is easy to follow and understand. 

In addition to paying $99,  I want feedback from you about the program, and I want a written testimonial about your experience when we are done.  I will use it on my website like the ones below. I will only use your first name and last initial for privacy.  That’s it, that’s the only catch.  

I will show up for you and have your back like you are a full priced client because that’s who I am as a coach and as a person and I want you to be all in for yourself as well.  


How do you get this once in a life time deal?

Just click the button below to schedule your FREE call!
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Here's What 2 Of My Clients Had To Say About Working With Me

I worked with Heather for 8 weeks over a several month period. I’d been sick for a few weeks and she was good enough to be in touch and ask me to continue, and I’m glad she did. I learned a lot doing what I think is mostly cognitive behavioral training. I teach CBT though and had never had anyone help me do it for myself, and I was really surprised at the process of having someone else help me do it. I was able to go further than on my own, have a better structure, and learn more. Heather is good at seeing what’s underneath things being said, and she’s great at working through the process with you. I learned some things more than I even teach, that I can now use with others.

Doing the process is not easy, it is work, but I had good shifts during the process and Heather holds the space to finish it well even when I didn’t want to because it was pretty hard to do.

Lastly, the time frame was long enough for me to practice and apparently for my brain to internalize things, because now when something comes up my brain switches me quicker into, “OK what am I thinking and how can I change that thought” mode. I’m more solid in my good thoughts. It was time well spent………………. River M.

Heather is an incredible coach and teacher. She creates a comfortable, safe environment for coaching and learning. I always felt that I could trust her, and felt understood and accepted every step of the way. 

Heather is very unique in that she truly wants you to get the most value possible from your experience working with her. She aims to give you the tools and strategies to be able to be self sufficient when you’re ready. Many other coaches will just do a session and not be invested in your progress until the next session, but Heather is there for you throughout your coaching relationship. She does not just talk the talk; her actions and commitment show she really wants you to succeed. You can get out of the experience what you are willing to put into it. 

It is also notable that Heather, in my opinion, has a masterful knowledge of the Life Coach School coaching method. She is an excellent teacher of these powerful concepts. She has used them along with her own personal deep knowledge, expertise, and insights to create positive transformations in her own life and for her clients including me. She truly lives what she teaches, and knows firsthand how to use coaching to feel significantly better and achieve the life you want. It has been an honor to be coached by her and I have grown immensely and positively from working with her………………Melissa H.