How Your Beliefs Affect Your Happiness

Beliefs are just thoughts we think over and over. 

Guess what that means? 

They can be changed. 

All you have to do is question your beliefs, decide if they are serving you, and if they aren’t serving you then change them. 

Find new thoughts to think that serve you and think them over and over until they become a belief. 

You can practice thinking thoughts the same way you practiced somersaults and cartwheels as a kid.

That is how you create change in your life. 


What do you believe about substance use?

What about people who use substances?

How have your beliefs changed since your child started abusing substances?

Which beliefs are things you just heard, never questioned, and thought over and over until you believed them?

How many things do you believe, that you don’t even know why you believe them?

Question all of it. 

Decide what you want to think about it and what you want your story to be. 

Write it down. 

Practice thinking it until it becomes a belief. 

You are in control of everything you think and believe. 

Here are some thoughts I chose to think until they were beliefs:

Love is always an option

I can do hard things

Suffering is sometimes familiar, but not necessary

Everything happens for me & not against me