Brain BS Podcast

Heather was on the Brain BS podcast for International Overdose Awarness Day.

The Brain BS podcast is hosed by Maureen Kafkis who is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and a Certified Life Coach. She brings her brain BS expertise and knowledge of thought work, emotional intelligence, and Universal Law together in a “spiripractical” way that can inspire everybody from the new-age spiritualist to the diehard scientist. Whether you call it mindfulness, living consciously or raising your vibration, her greatest asset as a spiritual coach is that she can hone in on the Brain BS™ that is keeping you stuck in old habits and thought patterns that are no longer serving you . Maureen created the Brain BS Podcast to give people the tools, resources and strategies they need to commit to living consciously and making it the number one priority in their lives. She knows that learning how to manage your mind is the solution to every problem you experience as humans, and she created The Brain BS Podcast to teach you how to do that.