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Podcast episode where I’m a guest

The Intuitive Woman Podcast by Tina Conroy

I was recently a guest on the Intuitive Woman Podcast with Tina Conroy. Her podcast is about all things intuitive and spiritual, guided meditations, and interviews. Tapping into our intuition is an often overlooked but important skill you need when you have a child struggling with substances. Learning from others is essential but if we …

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Beyond The Shadow of a Doubt Podcast by Meagan Skidmore Coaching

This is a raw and emotional episode but also one of my favorite episodes because the vulnerability lead to a beautiful discussion about my journey of loving Helanna unconditionally even during my most challenging moments. As I was listening to this episode I thought “every parent needs to hear this!” Even though it was one …

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How to Help a Loved One with Addiction

I was a guest on the Alcohol Tipping Point podcast with Deb Masner, RN, a podcast for anyone sober or sober curious. The Alcohol Tipping point podcast offers tips, tools, and thoughts to change your drinking and change your life. In this episode we talk about: Listen on Apple: Listen on Spotify:

Finding Understanding & Acceptance

Would you like the peace that comes from understanding and acceptance about your child’s substance use?

The number one thing parents tell me they want for themselves is peace.

Even though my interviews revolve around my story each one brings out different parts of my experience.

When I was interviewed by Cathy Taughinbaugh for her YouTube channel the theme of peace and acceptance emerged.

Sun & Moon Sober Living Podcast

Enabling, stigma, boundaries, self-care, and the importance of the words we use when talking about substance use are a few of the topics we covered in the Sun & Moon Sober Living Podcast episode. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts; Listen on Spotify:

Guest Episode – The Conscious Mental Health Podcast

We discuss how CRAFT (community reinforcement and family training) and Invitation to Change models support your loved one (and yourself) struggling with substance use disorder. The CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) program is a non-confrontational, evidence-based intervention for helping families affected by addiction. It helps individuals develop effective strategies for helping a loved one struggling with substance use disorder seek treatment and cope.

Recover With Colleen Podcast – Using Self Care to Process Grief

We discuss the importance of self-care in the grieving process. We focus on my grief from the loss of my daughter Helanna, but grieving is important for all losses. Grief is how you move through the painful gap between expectations and reality. Life is filled with all kinds of painful gaps. We need to acknowledge and grieve them in order to release resistance and move toward acceptance.

My Soul Life Podcast

Heather was recently a guest on the My Soul Life Podcast. Susan Scollen hosts the My Soul Life podcast so she can share the stories of everyday people who have shifter their lives, often through their own health and wellness journey, and are living in their authentic space. Listen Here:

Brain BS Podcast

Heather was on the Brain BS podcast for International Overdose Awarness Day. The Brain BS podcast is hosed by Maureen Kafkis who is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and a Certified Life Coach. She brings her brain BS expertise and knowledge of thought work, emotional intelligence, and Universal Law together in a “spiripractical” way that …

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The Struggle Is Real Season 1 Wrapped

The struggle is Real podcast asked all of their season 1 guests to share what they learned in the last year. This episode is a complication of all the guests including me sharing what we learned in the last year. You can listen on Apple: And on Spotify: