The Advantage Of Making Decisions Ahead of Time When Your Child Is Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

Deciding ahead of time will save you from yourself. 

Doors are slamming, voices are raised, tensions are high, and angry words are being exchanged. 

You are in the heat of the moment with your teen. 

Does this sound like a good time to make a decision? 

Deciding how you are going to handle this situation ahead of time will dramatically change your results and how everyone feels afterward.

History repeats itself when you are dealing with substance abuse. 

You’ll continually find yourself in similar circumstances like failed drug tests, issues at school, boundary/rule violations, and arguments. 

You can decide how you want to handle these situations ahead of time. 

Write down your decisions and refer to them when needed.

Practice with a spouse or a friend if you are nervous about following through on a decision. 

Ask yourself how you want to feel when the situation is over. 

Pick a feeling. 

How do you have to show up in order to achieve that feeling?

What tone will your voice have? 

What words will you use?

How do you think you will feel inside while addressing this situation?

Where will you have the conversation? 

How long will it last? 

Can you be firm about rules yet loving and compassionate at the same time? 

Put yourself in the moment. 

What if you don’t get the response you expect?

Making well thought out, precise, decisions ahead of time allows you to control the only thing you can control.