Guest Episode – The Conscious Mental Health Podcast

3 Reasons you’ll love this podcast episode:

  1. The host is a therapist and a mom who has been through a child’s substance use so we got to talk about the differences between the way addiction and other mental health challenges are treated from the perspective of a professional offering help and the perspective of a mom looking for help.
  2. We shared how much Invitation to Change and CRAFT have changed us and how we approach substance use, especially our change in perception about enabling.
  3. I’ve worked with the podcast host, so our connection created space for a much deeper conversation than I normally have when I’m guesting on a podcast.  

Listen to the episode here:


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The Conscious Mental Health Podcast is a series of diverse educational resources for mental health professionals and savvy clients sponsored by the Academy of Integrative Mental Health.

The Academy expands knowledge to professionals in the mental health community and beyond, using a conscious, experiential, and evidence-based format. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive health and wellness to all, by empowering personal and professional growth and confidence.

We believe continuing education is an essential aspect of mental health care that is ever-evolving and changing, just like the communities we serve. The CMH Podcast is part of our efforts to increase access to modern, experiential knowledge across all stages of a clinician’s career.

We share engaging conversations with skilled therapists, multi-disciplinary experts, and advocates committed to thinking outside the box using an integrative approach.

Our episodes are similar to our training style in that you receive research-informed content and guided practices, news updates, and other segments to support you in your personal and clinical practice.

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