Free Yourself to Live Your Best Life

Gain Clarity About Your Dreams and Achieve Them

Clear Subconscious Blocks and Get Unstuck

Change Your Current Reality & Begin Moving Forward in Life

Clarify your vision

Get Motivated

Believe in Yourself

Achieve your goals

Love your life

Live In The Possibility Of Lasting Transformation

Gain Power Over Your Future

12 Weeks to a Life You Love

You Will Learn How To:

Meet Your Coach Heather Ross

I’m in the middle of an adventure

I’m 48, single, an empty nester (besides 2 fur kids), living tiny in paradise, and intentionally creating a life I love.

The first half of my life was lived for everyone else while trying to be who I thought I should be.  Instead of being grounded in myself and discerning what I wanted to create in life, I looked to everyone else for answers. I outsourced my happiness. The result was a life that left me sick, empty, and unfulfilled.  

On top of that my teen age daughter started struggling with addiction. Her addiction shined a painful spotlight on every weakness, vulnerability, and emotional wound I needed to heal.  It was my wakeup call.

I started a wellness journey of mind, body, and spirit that lead to me becoming a certified life coach. I spent one year in a challenging and in-depth Life Coach certification program. Then I spent 2 years working with clients developing my unique and effective approach.

I’m known as the go to coach for helping parents who have a child struggling with addiction.  What many people don’t know is that one of my secret ingredients for helping myself and my clients is I know how to bypass the part of your brain that says no to all change. Even when we want something really bad, our brain still says no when we try to take the steps to get us there.  Once I teach you how to bypass the no, you can direct your brain to do whatever you want. It’s the fastest way to getting out of your own way and creating a life you love.

Experience the Freedom of Saying YES to All The Possibilities in Life

Here's What You Get:

  • 12 weekly 45 minute 1:1 transformational coaching sessions 
  • A digital  book that teaches my powerful 5 step process that you will use to
    • Identify your blocks and get unstuck
    • Curate the feelings you want to fuel your life with
    • Outline the actions you need to get the life you love
    • Create the results you’ve always wanted
  • Email and text support between calls
  • Custom exercises tailored to your needs and situation to help you create a clear vision 


Love Your Life Coaching $1,197

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