Mindfulness Café Interview

How one Mum has used her own journey of dealing with her daughter’s drug addiction to help and support others going through the same.

Heather Ross never dreamed she would find herself in many parents’ worst nightmare, discovering that her child was addicted to drugs that started like many teenagers with pot and drinking but eventually ended with heroin and meth.

With little support and few resources available whilst trying her best to deal with her child’s addiction the best way she could, Heather only ended up pushing her daughter further away which had a devastating effect on her own emotional and physical health.

Heather is now a certified life coach who specializes in helping parents empower themselves to manage their own emotional wellbeing whilst facing the challenges of dealing with a child struggling with addiction.

There is a happy ending, Heather now has a brilliant relationship with her daughter which she believes is better than they would have had if they had never faced these challenges.

And she shares with us her story and also some strategies other parents can use who might be experiencing similar problems with their children.

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