This Program is No Longer Available for November

Gift Yourself the Best November Ever

This Program Organizes Your Mind, Home, and Life in 3 Weeks

Let Go of Outdated Thoughts, Beliefs, and Possessions

Choose Intentional Thoughts, Beliefs, and Possessions You Love

Your house is a representation of what’s happening in your mind

Internal organization of your mind leads to external organization of your life

Transcend  confusion and establish order in your mind and home

Being organized is the best way to operate your mind and life at the highest level

Are You Tired of Cleaning and Organizing Only to Have Messy Clutter Again? Organizing your mind while you organize your house will end that cycle

If You Don't Think You Have Time For This Program

That's exactly why you need it

3 Weeks of Immediate Results, Community, and Support

You Will Learn How To:

Meet Your Coach Heather Ross

I’m in the middle of an adventure

I’m 48, single, an empty nester (besides 2 fur kids), living tiny in paradise, and falling in love with life again.

The first half of my life was lived for everyone else while trying to be who I thought I should be.  Instead of being grounded in myself and discerning what I wanted to create in life, I looked to everyone else for answers. I outsourced my happiness. The result was a life that left me sick, empty, and unfulfilled.  

On top of that my teen age daughter started struggling with addiction. Her addiction shined a painful spotlight on every weakness, vulnerability, and emotional wound I needed to heal.  It was my wakeup call.

I started a wellness journey of mind, body, and spirit that lead to me becoming a certified life coach. I spent one year in a challenging and in-depth Life Coach certification program. Then I spent 2 years working with clients developing my unique and effective approach.

I’m  known for being an expert at helping parents who have a child struggling with addiction.  What many people don’t know is that I’m also an expert at being organized.  I start my day with a plan and intentional thoughts, I follow the plan, and I carefully curate my life and business that way.

I know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. My organized mind and home give me clarity, peace of mind, and helps me create a life I love .

Experience the Holidays with Clarity, Peace of Mind, and a Beautifully Organized Home

Here's What You Get:

  • Week 1 –  Create intentional thoughts that empower you and beautifully streamlined closets that are only filled with items you love 
  • Week 2  – Curate the feelings you want to fuel your life with while also Organizing your workspace and car  
  • Week 3 – Choose life transforming actions to get the life you’ve always wanted while also transforming your kitchen
  • Week 4 – BONUS  – Carefully choose an empowering story about your past and clear the clutter of your past from your storage or attic 
  • You also get:
    • An exclusive private Facebook group just for program members
      • Share your wins
      • Get motivation from working toward the same goals with a group
      • Receive and share tips and tricks
    • One 30 minute 1:1 clarity session to keep you motivated
    • 3 weekly Facebook lives in the group where you can ask questions live
    • Community during a time when people are social distancing  

Friday October 30th you will receive a digital workbook with instructions and week 1 – 4 exercises, a link to the private Facebook group, the weekly live call schedule, and the link to schedule your 30 minute clarity call via email. The program runs November 1st – 21st so you’ll be done just in time for Thanksgiving

A Life-Changing Program for the One Time Introductory Rate of $47

Spots are Limited so Don't Procastinate!

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