You've been plagued with worry, fear, stress, and anxiety long enough

Your child's addiction has has a significant impact on YOUR life
You can have a positive impact on THEIR life by developing your own skills, creating emotional stability, & prioritizing self care

There is Hope

Change is Possible

YOU Have the Power to Make a Difference

You've struggled alone long enough

You deserve community, support, & understanding from other parents who have been there

Healing & lasting change can start today

Tools you will gain in the program:

  • Cultivate peace of mind, happiness, and live a fulfilling life  whether your child is in recovery or still struggling with substance use
  • Effective behavior & communication skills to help you collaborate with your child through their recovery journey
  • Rebuild a relationship with your child that is founded on respect, compassion, and understanding
  • Confidently decide what’s best for you & your family instead of a one size fits all approach
  • Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and values so you can respond to your child’s substance use compassionately, strategically, and collaboratively 

Meet Your Coach Heather Ross

Heather is the mother of a child who struggled with substance use, a Family Recovery Coach, Invitation to Change Certified, CRAFT trained (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), and the host of the Living with Your Child’s Addiction podcast.​

The conventional methods Heather initially tried to help her daughter only made things worse. Driven by desperation, Heather stopped everything that wasn’t working. That’s when she hired a coach, found CRAFT, and began to support her daughter in alignment with her core values as a mother.

Heather not only repaired her relationship with her daughter but also supported her on her own recovery journey. Sadly, their story took a tragic turn when Heather’s daughter experienced a reoccurrence of use and received a lethal dose of fentanyl.​

In the face of this devastating loss, Heather tapped into her resilience and turned her grief into action. Driven by her own experience and a desire to combat the stigma surrounding substance use, she dedicated herself to supporting and guiding other parents through similar struggles. Heather’s commitment to changing the narrative around addiction is fueled by deep empathy and a determination to make a positive impact.

Here's What You Get:

  • Result oriented coaching that’s rooted in science, compassion, lived experience, and years of helping other parents
  • 24 live transformational group coaching sessions over the course of 12 weeks starting June 13th, 2023
  • An online written program that’s yours to keep as a reference for ongoing support
    • Learn a step by step process to help you through ANY situation
    • Understand & process your most difficult emotions like  fear, worry, anxiety, and guilt so you are no longer at the effect of them
    • Curate the feelings you want to fuel your life with
    • A process for setting and maintaining strong loving boundaries
    • Confidence in your skills and ability to support your child
  • An exclusive hidden Facebook community, where you get support from your coach & other members of the program between calls  
  • Custom exercises tailored to your needs and situation to help you create a clear vision for supporting yourself and your child


The Peace of Mind Group Coaching Program $347 (normally $497)
Doors Close June 6th & spots are limited
sign up today!

Most calls will be on Tuesday at 3pm EST/

12pm PST and Thursday at 6pm EST/3pm PST

All calls take place on Zoom

With 24 calls to choose from you get to pick which calls you attend

Yes! If your partner is interested in the Peace of Mind program I encourage you to share it with them and do the exercises together. 

The Peace of Mind program is completely different material.  Another difference is I don’t coach in the ITC group, I just facilitate the group.  

You can use the information from the peace of mind program along with what you use from your alanon meetings