If you're a frustrated mother seeking someone who truly understands your situation and can help you with your child's substance use, this program is designed specifically for you.

You know your child better than anyone.
You're determined to help them no matter what.
That unique understanding and profound determination
are your superpowers!
I'll show you how to tap into those powers
to create positive change.

There is HOPE

Change is POSSIBLE

YOU Can Make a Difference

Treatment Centers and Therapy
Provide Short-Term Support
But It's Your Compassionate Presence
That's Essential for Long Term Healing and Change

My program uniquely addresses your needs AND
how you can shape your child's change process

Tools gained in the program:

  • Effective behavior & communication skills to help you resolve conflict, provide boundaries and structure, and to help your child be ready for and open to change.
  • Strategies to rebuild a relationship with your child that is founded on respect, compassion, and understanding because connection = opportunities to influence.
  • Skills to decrease your stress and the chaos in your home so you have the energy and resources to enjoy all areas of your life again.
  • Ability to identify your triggers so you can respond instead of reacting.  That way you get to feel proud about how you’re showing up as a parent.

These tools will provide you with peace of mind, happiness, and improved quality of life, INDEPENDENT of your child’s substance use or recovery.

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Meet Your Coach Heather Ross

Heather is the mother of a child who struggled with substance use, a Family Recovery Coach, Invitation to Change Certified, CRAFT trained (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), and the host of the Living with Your Child’s Addiction podcast.​

The conventional methods Heather initially tried to help her daughter only made things worse. Driven by desperation, Heather stopped everything that wasn’t working. That’s when she hired a coach, found CRAFT, and began to support her daughter in alignment with her core values as a mother.

Heather not only repaired her relationship with her daughter but also supported her on her own recovery journey. Sadly, their story took a tragic turn when Heather’s daughter experienced a reoccurrence of use and received a lethal dose of fentanyl.​

In the face of this devastating loss, Heather tapped into her resilience and turned her grief into action. Driven by her own experience and a desire to combat the stigma surrounding substance use, she dedicated herself to supporting and guiding other parents through similar struggles. Heather’s commitment to changing the narrative around addiction is fueled by deep empathy and a determination to make a positive impact.

Here's What You Get:

  • Result-oriented coaching that’s rooted in science, compassion, lived experience, and years of helping other families.
  • 24 live transformational group coaching sessions over the course of 12 weeks starting Thursday 10/5/23. Calls will last one hour and be on Tuesdays at 3 pm EST/ 12 pm PST and Thursdays at 6 pm EST / 3 pm PST. The last call will be on Tuesday 1/2/24.  There will be no call on Tuesday 10/10/23 and Thursday 11/23/23.
  • Two 30 minute Q&A only calls to orient you to the program on Wednesday 10/11 at 7 pm EST/4pm PST and Wednesday 10/18 at 7pm EST/4pm PST
  • An online written program that’s yours to keep as a reference for ongoing support.
    • Learn a step-by-step process to help you through ANY situation.
    • Understand & process your most difficult emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, and guilt so you are no longer controlled by them.
    • Curate the feelings you want to fuel your life with.
    • A process for setting and maintaining strong loving boundaries.
    • Confidence in your skills and ability to support your child.
  • An exclusive hidden Facebook community, where you get support  from your coach & other members of the program between calls.  
  • Custom exercises tailored to your needs and situation to help you create a clear vision for supporting yourself and your child.


The Peace of Mind Group Coaching Program $347

Join the Waitlist to Start in Jan 2024!

What Other Parents Say

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be 2 calls tp choose from each week. You can attend 1 or both.

Most calls will be on Tuesday at 3 pm EST and Thursday at 6 pm EST/3 pm PST

All calls take place on Zoom.

The First call will be on Thursday, October 5th

at 6 pm EST.

You don’t have to attend every call to make big changes in your life. With 24 live coaching calls to choose from you get to pick which calls you attend. You will also benefit from the written program and interaction in the private Facebook group. 

Yes! If your partner is interested in the Peace of Mind program I encourage you to share it with them and do the exercises together.  It’s a great way for you to come together for family recovery. If your partner isn’t interested that’s OK too.  The work you do will still have a positive impact on your family.

The Peace of Mind program was created by Heather and is  different material than ITC.  Heather doesn’t coach or help group members work through specific issues in the ITC group.

With personalized coaching, you get the opportunity for deeper understanding and help implementing the skills you learn.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are designed only to support you. They are not designed to help you help your child.  You can use the science-based education and skills you learn from the Peace of Mind program in addition to attending meetings.

5  Adnvantages of Group Coaching:

  1. Shared Learning and Insights: Group coaching allows participants to learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. Different group members may offer diverse insights, strategies, and solutions, enriching the learning process.
  2. Supportive Community: Being part of a group creates a sense of community and support. Participants can connect with others who share similar goals and challenges, fostering a supportive environment for growth and development.
  3. Improved Learning Through Observation: In a group coaching setting, individuals can observe others without emotional involvement or attachment. This enables them to learn by actively watching how fellow participants navigate challenges, implement strategies, and receive coaching. By witnessing the coaching process unfold for others, individuals can introspect and ask themselves how they can adapt and apply those insights to their own lives. This observational learning fosters a broader perspective and encourages the application of coaching principles beyond the immediate context, enhancing personal growth and development.
  4. Accountability and Motivation: Group dynamics can provide additional motivation and accountability. Seeing other group members progress and achieve their goals can inspire and encourage individuals to stay committed to their own goals.
  5. Cost-Effective: Group coaching costs less than 1:1 coaching. This affordability makes it more accessible.

You can ask Heather questions via email or seek support from her or  from other parents in the private Peace of Mind Facebook Group. The private group is there so you can take advantage of the community with other parents who have a child struggling with substances as well.

You can also try self-reflection and journaling to explore your thoughts, feelings, and any obstacles you’re encountering. Writing down your concerns and exploring possible solutions on your own can provide valuable insights and clarity. It can also help you identify specific questions or areas where you need additional support, which you can then address during the next group coaching session.

The Facebook group is only for members of the Peace of Mind Group coaching program. It is an exclusive community where you will connect with other parents who not only understand you but have similar beliefs about helping a child who is struggling with substances. 

Group coaching brings a group of parents together who have the common goals of personal growth and learning new skills to help their child who struggles with substances.  As a member of the group, you will learn from the written Peace of Mind program which serves as a comprehensive guide to self-discovery and growth along with live group coaching calls led by Heather Ross on Zoom.

The calls serve as a key educational and experiential component of the program. Participants can ask questions, get coached in a non-judgmental supportive space, and learn from fellow group members as they watch them get coached. The calls offer a unique blend of structure and flexibility tailored to meet the needs of the collective.

Therapy and coaching are both valuable resources and complement each other.  Many people choose to do both as a holistic approach to change and growth.

Coaching is a collaborative, forward-moving process that illuminates your path to new possibilities, equips you with essential skills, and empowers you to set and achieve meaningful goals. By engaging in coaching, you unlock your potential to navigate your current circumstances with confidence and success.

As your dedicated coach, Heather creates a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore the depths of your own mind. With genuine care and unwavering support, she guides your transformative journey using open-ended questions, reflective statements, active listening, and unconditional presence. Heather is committed to your growth, providing the encouragement and honesty needed to identify and overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your desired outcomes.