Parents Peace of Mind Group Coaching Community

Treatment programs & therapy sessions provide essential support for your child but YOU remain a constant presence in their life

YOU have the power to make a difference

  • Your child’s substance use doesn’t define their future and with support & guidance positive changes will happen in your family
  • Developing your own skills, knowledge, and resilience can influence your child’s recovery journey
  • Evidence-based strategies, personalized support, & practical tools will help you navigate substance use challenges effectively
  • Prioritizing your own self-care, emotional stability, and personal development will benefit you and your child

You've been struggling alone long enough

Healing can start today

You have the power to create a positive ripple effect in your child's life, like the significant impact their substance use had on your life

I will help you:

Meet Your Coach Heather Ross

I’m a Certified Life Coach & mother of a child who struggles with addiction. 

I’ve been right where you are.  I’ve been blamed, felt the guilt and shame, and believed my child’s lies.

My child’s addiction shined a spotlight on every vulnerability and weakness I had as mom and prayed on them so it could grow. 

Nothing I tried to help my child worked .  I was like a dog chasing her tail. I got nowhere but exhausted and hopeless. 

I truly wanted to help my child and stop the chaos! In a final act of desperation I signed up to work with a life coach even though I had no idea how it could help.

My life quickly started to change:

  • The fog of overwhelm & confusion started to lift.
  • My relationship with my child started improving
  • I knew what to do to help and support my child 
  • I started experiencing happiness again

The skills I learned had such a profound impact on my life and my relationship with my child that I wanted to share them with as many parents as possible.

In addition to my 20 years experience in the recovery community, I spent one year in a challenging and in-depth Life Coach certification program at The Life Coach School. Then I spent 2 years working with clients developing my unique and effective approach.  I’ve been blessed to see so many parents experience life changing results while working with me.  Now you can experience my whole program for  much less than the cost of a coaching package. 

A Life-Changing Program for only $197

Go From Feeling Helpless, Overwhelmed, & Confused to Confident, Peaceful, & In Control

Here's What You Get:

  • Module 1 – Powerful 5 step process to find answers for every situation that comes up with your child’s addiction
  • Module 2 – An enlightening new approach to your relationship with your child that helps you repair the damage caused by addiction 
  • Module 3 – Build the confidence you need to parent your child through addiction & model the confidence they need to find recovery
  • Module 4 – Learn how to hold boundaries that keep you from being taken advantage of & allow natural consequences for your child
  • Module 5 – Dynamic 8 step process that creates open, honest, and productive conversations

Each module is emailed to you with written instructions, a video, and a digital workbook to download and keep.  The workbook has daily exercises to give you an even deeper understanding of the concepts.  

Still Have Questions about the program?

Schedule a 45 minute $17 call for first time clients