Do you worry about "Enabling"
your son or daughter who struggles with addiction?

You're not the only one who worries. Many parents I work with want to help their kids, but they're confused by the mixed messages about "enabling".

We too often present “enabling" in stark terms, but in reality, it's not clear-cut.

Enabling, by definition, involves giving someone the authority or means to do something. The key lies in understanding what you're empowering your child to do.

Are your actions supporting their health and well-being, or are they inadvertently facilitating substance use?

"A New Perspective About 'Enabling': A Guide for Parents Who Want To Help Their Child But Aren't Sure How," helps you answer that question.

The guide will give you 3 key tools:

  1. A new understanding of "enabling" so you feel confident about how you choose to help your child.
  2. Decrease the chaos in your home and increase your connection with your child because connection = opportunities to influence.
  3. Three science-backed ways to help your child be open to and ready for change even if they say they don't want help.

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