EP 44 Interview With My Daughter Helanna Johnson- Part 2

Living With Your Child's Addiction Podcast
Living With Your Child's Addiction Podcast
EP 44 Interview With My Daughter Helanna Johnson- Part 2

We had some great questions come up after my first interview with Helanna (episode 41) so did a second interview. 

We discussed:

Suboxone – how it helped – what she wishes she knew before she started using it – why she tapered off it.

How I handled her getting off suboxone.

Fears about losing her sobriety.

What her brain says about why being sober won’t work.

How she knew she would use drugs from a young age.

Why she didn’t trust me for a long time and what made her start trusting me again.

What made her decide to go to sober living this time when she wouldn’t go other times.

How a shift in perspective about parenting can help your child and your relationship with them. 

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