EP03 What to do When You’re Paralyzed With Fear That Your Child Will Over Dose

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP03 What to do When You're Paralyzed With Fear That Your Child Will Over Dose

How often do you send a text to your addicted child and breathe a sigh of relief because the text went through, or look on social media to see if they’ve been active, or do a drive by just so you can have a little peace of mind? That fear of all the things that can wrong can rule your life.  You get stuck with horrible images and thoughts about them over dosing and no one being there to help them. You brain gets stuck looping through all the worst-case scenarios. You live your worst fear day in and day out, losing sleep, and wondering how the hell all this happened in the first place. When you have an addicted child you can’t rely on external circumstances to relieve your worry and fear. You have to develop the skillset to provide your own relief. In this episode I talk about how I help my clients provide that relief for themselves. 

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