EP45 Honoring Helanna & How I’m Working Through My Grief

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP45 Honoring Helanna & How I'm Working Through My Grief

This is the hardest episode I've ever recorded and also the most important episode I ever recorded.

There's no way I can move forward helping other parents without stopping to honor Helanna's life and what her time on this earth gave to me.

This podcast wouldn't exist without her.

I wouldn't be who I am today without her.

The day that Helanna died I started wondering if I could continue my work helping other parents with their child’s addiction.

I didn’t know if I could face it anymore.

I wanted to hear Helanna’s voice and be close to her somehow, so I listened to the podcast episodes she was on & I realized that it was more important than ever for me to keep doing this work.

Having a child struggling with addiction is the hardest thing some parents will ever face.

Until I lost Helanna to fentanyl poisoning, her addiction has had more of a long-lasting impact on my life more than anything else.

So many parents are struggling alone and in silence because of shame and the stigma that goes with addiction.

There’s no way that I can step aside and not continue helping those parents.

Right now, that’s what is keeping me motivated to live a life that doesn’t include my daughter.

In this episode I share some of the things that I learned while dealing with her addiction and how they’re helping with my grief as well:

  • · Why we all need our own recovery & how mine saved me from regret in my last conversations with my daughter
  • · Why you shouldn't carry the pain of your child's addiction alone – Connection is a survival skill for us parents as much as it is for our kids
  • · Why we need to build the skillset to have difficult conversations with our kids about their addiction & how that's helped me
  • · Connecting to your child through LOVE instead of guilt, shame, or anger

Link to the episode that explains the model:


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