EP46 Grief Provides Healing For All Losses, Not Just Death With Guest Julie Cluff

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP46 Grief Provides Healing For All Losses, Not Just Death With Guest Julie Cluff

There’s a gap between what we expect in life and what we’re experiencing. In that gap is a loss. As parents we have hope and expectations. We expect a fulfilling relationship with our kids, family gatherings, milestones like prom and college, and we expect being a parent to feel good.  When addiction shows up we experience the painful gap between what we expect and our reality. We have to grieve those losses so we can let go of what we expected. We can stop wishing the past were different and focus on what we can intentionally create in the future.

In this episode Grief coach Julie Cluff and I discuss:

· Discounting and comparing losses

· We should only compare the impact of our own losses

· What misplaced guilt is and how it affects you

· Finding forgiveness in grief

· Our experiences can be hard and also possible to move through

· We can grieve gently

· The only way to heal from trauma is to choose the empowerment of change

· You don’t have to carry grief the rest of your life

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