EP47 How Parents Who Heal Help Their Children In The Process

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP47 How Parents Who Heal Help Their Children In The Process

Healing starts for us when we connect with other parents like us to hear their stories and share our experiences.  When we do that we're no longer alone on this journey. Meeting and engaging with other parents gives us access to insights and resources we need. When we get the support we need, we find the safety and strength to accept ourselves and our children as we are in this moment. That's why my guest Casie Fariello is one of the founders of a new online support community called Other Parents Like Me (OPLM). In this episode we discuss:

How connection is the key to hope, help, and healing

Supporting more than one child with addiction or other challenges

Our first experiences with joining a support community and what we got out of it

Rebuilding a family after addiction 

The importance of taking everything you learn about addiction, making it your own, and choosing what you want to implement in your life

The wonderful experiences we've had being a part of OPLM

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