EP52 Recovery, Connection, and Healing Through Love

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP52 Recovery, Connection, and Healing Through Love

Join Heather as she explores three vital messages that can transform your perspective and help you navigate your  journey with renewed strength and resilience:

1. Your Personal Recovery Matters: Discover the significance of your own healing journey and why it's equally important alongside your child's recovery. Heather shares insights into dispelling the
stigma surrounding addiction and the transformation of understanding.

2. You Are Not Alone: Suffering in silence is a heavy burden. Explore the healing power of community and the importance of connecting with others who share similar experiences. Together, we find solace and support.

3. Connecting Through Love: Learn why connecting with your child through love, not guilt or shame, is paramount. Through personal stories, Heather illustrates the profound impact of love in building resilient relationships.

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Peace of Mind Community

Guide about enabling – If you've ever worried about enabling, this guide is for you!

Perspective About Enabling

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