EP55 90 Seconds To A Life You Love With Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP55 90 Seconds To A Life You Love With Dr. Joan Rosenberg

When you're supporting your child through addiction, there are many uncomfortable and even painful experiences. The more capacity you have to tolerate emotional pain, the more capable and confident you feel about yourself and your ability to support your child. A willingness to learn from any experience, openness to change, and the capacity to express unpleasant feelings leads to emotional strength and resilience. Being able to experience your own emotional pain also makes it easier for you to tolerate the discomfort of your child's emotional pain as well. It also makes it easier to engage in difficult conversations.  Emotional mastery is an essential skill to help you through your journey with your child's addiction.  

Topics Discussed In This Episode: 

How emotions only last 90 seconds 

Why some emotions seem to last longer than 90 seconds 

How allowing and feeling your unpleasant emotions leads to a life you love 

Why we use distractions to avoid feelings 

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