EP56 Rehab Expectations VS Reality From A Mother’s Perspective

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP56 Rehab Expectations VS Reality From A Mother's Perspective

Heather and returning guest Kelly Hatcher talk about what it was like when their kids went to rehab. They both experienced a major gap between their expectations about what rehab and sobriety would be like vs reality. Addiction and recovery are complex. Rehab and sobriety are stops on a lifetime journey. They are not destinations. Heather and Kelly hope that that by sharing their experience it will make rehab and sobriety easier for you and help you support your child as well.

3 things you’ll take away from the episode:

The unrealistic expectations Heather and Kelly had before their kids went to rehab (maybe you have the same expectations)

Their reality check – what the experience was really like

Heather & Kelly’s advice for you based on their experiences with multiple rehabs

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