EP61 A Mother’s Search For Peace With Guest Susan Lynch

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP61 A Mother's Search For Peace With Guest Susan Lynch

Heather Interviews author Susan Lynch. Her memoir Life After Kevin A Mother's Search for Peace and the Golden Retrievers that Led the Way is a story about finding meaning when life challenges you in the hardest ways, healing through community, spiritual connection, and the transformation that comes from learning how to sit with intensely painful emotions to gain answers and clarity.

Susan’s son Kevin died from multiple drug intoxication in 2015. She kept the cause of his death a secret for 2 years because of shame and stigma. Shame separates us from community and connection.  It also keeps us from seeing that we need help. 

3 Things you'll learn in this episode:

  1. How Shame kept Susan silent and the impact it had on her grief
  2. How Susan's dogs helped her heal
  3. Connecting with and receiving guidance from someone that has died

If you would like to pre-order Susan's book use this link www.susan-lynch.com/book-order.

To learn more about Susan go to her website www.susan-lynch.com.

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