EP94 Regret Free Interactions and The Art of Connection

Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
Living While Loving Your Child Through Addiction
EP94 Regret Free Interactions and The Art of Connection

Do you want regret free interactions and a stronger connection with your child? The art of authentic communication takes you from resentment to connection. You can find out how to achieve this result while taking care of yourself.

This podcast episode takes an emotional turn, as the host shares her journey of self-awareness and vulnerability. The episode doesn't just offer valuable advice for parents; it's a deeply personal exploration of the nuance of connection.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn how nurturing personal needs cultivates
    self-awareness and helps us deal with discomfort without reacting negatively.
  • Uncover the key to building meaningful connections with
    your child.
  • Understand your child's unique definition of connection
    and how it can strengthen your bond.
  • Learn how to communicate your feelings respectfully and

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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – The Power of Connection
Heather discusses the importance of connection in relationships, especially when dealing with a loved one struggling with addiction. She emphasizes the art of connection and its influence.

00:02:25 – Updates to the Peace of Mind Program
Heather shares updates to her group coaching program, making it more accessible and accommodating for members in different time zones. She also highlights the added benefits for members, including recorded calls and a free boundary master

00:06:14 – Redefining Connection
Heather explores a mother's guilt about not connecting with her son and shares
her own experience with her daughter, Helena. She emphasizes the importance of
taking time for oneself and sharing feelings from a clean space to foster a
healthy connection.

00:08:24 – The Power of Vulnerability
Heather shares a personal story about expressing her disappointment and worry
to Helanna in a calm and loving manner, which led to a deeper connection and
open communication. She contrasts this with unhealthy ways of expressing
emotions, highlighting the power of vulnerability in building connections.

00:19:24 – The Impact of Words on Connection
Heather reflects on how her past words and actions affected her daughter, Helanna, and acknowledges her responsibility in managing her emotions for a deeper connection.

00:22:07 – Definition of Connection
Heather shares her definition of connection, emphasizing trust, respect, and self-awareness in maintaining a meaningful bond with a child struggling with substance use.

00:23:32 – Importance of Self-Care in Connection
Heather highlights the importance of self-care and authentic communication in maintaining a strong connection with a child, even in challenging circumstances, and understanding their perspective on connection.

00:26:35 – Acceptance and Support
Heather discusses the importance of accepting a child's behavior and providing unwavering support, even during times of substance abuse, to establish a connection based on love and understanding.

00:27:46 – Compassion and Awareness
Heather encourages self-compassion and self-awareness, urging parents to acknowledge their areas of improvement in connection with their child and to show compassion for themselves in this difficult situation.