Round 2 WV Uncommon Place

I’m grateful that I live by my own advice.

I do all the things that I share with you.

Listening to this episode reminded me yet again how important that is.

This was recorded in November of 2020.

My daughter had just moved here after finishing rehab and I was on cloud 9.

Since this interview my life has been turned upside down by my daughter’s addiction and breast cancer.

I know how to pick up the pieces though.

I’m doing exactly what I recommended in this episode.

I’m living by my words, learning deeper lessons from my challenges, and using them to help more people.

Every time I face a challenge I lean into creating an even more fulfilling life.

Whatever challenge you’re facing in life, you’re greatest asset will be knowing how to create your own peace of mind and happiness.

At the end of this episode JR challenged me to share more of myself in my podcast episodes.

He asked me to share how I’m feeling with my audience and that’s exactly what my life has lead me to do.

So much good stuff in this episode, JR asks great questions.

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