Road to Recovery 17

If you’re interested in my 8-week  Peace of Mind  1:1 coaching program start here with this 45-minute call.

The “Road to Recovery Call” is an opportunity for parents who have a child struggling with problematic substance use to find peace, get helpful guidance, and learn sustainable solutions for their unique journey.

In this one-on-one coaching session, you’ll be in a safe space where you can openly discuss your concerns and experiences, free from judgment. As a coach who has personally navigated the difficulties of supporting a child through substance use and recovery, I understand the overwhelming emotions and confusion you may be facing.

During our call, we will explore actionable steps tailored to your specific circumstances and values as a parent. Together, we can work on effective communication and behavior skills that will foster an environment conducive to your child’s positive change.

You’ll leave the call with a sense of hope.  Don’t let uncertainty and isolation consume you any longer. Take the first step and join me on this call, where you’ll find the support and understanding you deserve.

Together, we can navigate the challenges you’re facing and pave the way for healing within your family.



Your role as a parent is pivotal in your child’s recovery journey.

While treatment programs and therapy sessions provide essential support, it is you who remains a constant presence in their life. This comprehensive 8-week 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you become the healthy and resilient anchor your child needs to navigate the complexities of addiction.

By investing in The Peace of Mind program you’re not only committing to 8 weeks of transformation, but you’re also investing in a lifetime of positive change. This program is not just about you; it’s about fostering connection with your child and supporting their process of change.

As part of your package, you will receive an online program that supplements your coaching experience. In addition, you will have the added value of communication via email or text between coaching sessions, ensuring continuous support throughout your journey.

The 8 weekly 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to address your unique needs and challenges. My coaching draws on evidence-based strategies such as CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), Motivational Interviewing, and Harm Reduction.

As your dedicated coach, I am committed to helping you move forward, even during moments when you may feel ready to give up. Together, we will navigate the obstacles, and I will guide you toward the “yes” your heart desires, even when your brain says no.

You don’t have to face this alone. Use the “schedule now” button to book a $17 Road to Recovery Session where you can learn more about The Peace of Mind 1:1 coaching program and how it will help you build a future that includes healing, growth, and resilience for you and your child.