Guest Episode – The Conscious Mental Health Podcast

We discuss how CRAFT (community reinforcement and family training) and Invitation to Change models support your loved one (and yourself) struggling with substance use disorder. The CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) program is a non-confrontational, evidence-based intervention for helping families affected by addiction. It helps individuals develop effective strategies for helping a loved one struggling with substance use disorder seek treatment and cope.

The Difference Between Worry, Stress, Anxiety, & Overwhelm & How To regulate Them

One of the reasons anxiety is so debilitating is that it’s too vague to be solved so we feel powerless over it.

Understanding the difference between worry, stress, and anxiety, where they happen in your body, and what functions they serve will help you work through them as they come up.

Worry, stress, and anxiety are trying to signal to you that you have an unmet need so you can meet the needs that they’re signaling.

Recover With Colleen Podcast – Using Self Care to Process Grief

We discuss the importance of self-care in the grieving process. We focus on my grief from the loss of my daughter Helanna, but grieving is important for all losses. Grief is how you move through the painful gap between expectations and reality. Life is filled with all kinds of painful gaps. We need to acknowledge and grieve them in order to release resistance and move toward acceptance.

Why you feel frustrated when your child that’s struggling with addiction won’t listen to you

The other day I was watching a video for my Reiki certification and one of the slides said if you want to keep pushing Reiki on someone who doesn’t want it then you need to look at yourself and why you want them to do it so bad. Of course that got me thinking about …

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