The key to finding peace of mind and happiness when your child is struggling with addiction

Let go of how you thought your child’s life would be

Let go of how you think your day will go today

Move forward with surrender, acceptance, and a new approach

The video below is an example of me letting go. Nothing went as planned.

I was on a time constraint, the sound and lighting were poor, I said “ya know” more times than I can count, my heart was hurting for my daughter, and she was on my mind. The message was solid though so I went ahead and shared it.

My brain kept saying I should go back to bed and hide, but luckily over-riding that thought is a habit, so I kept moving forward anyway. It reminds me of what a kid playing on the monkey bars has to do.

Did you ever play on the monkey bars as a kid?

Even if you didn’t, I’m sure you watched someone dangling there, knowing they had to let go of the bar behind them to move forward, but afraid they didn’t have the strength to do it.

Can you remember what that looked like?

That kid’s shoulders were starting to burn.  His hands were getting sweaty & he was losing his grip. 

He was wasting precious energy just dangling there.

He was so afraid of what would happen if let go, that he was STUCK.

What he was doing wasn’t working!

He had do something different, take a deep breath, and throw that arm forward to the next bar!

That’s what you have to do when it comes to your child’s addiction.

Even if it’s scary, you need a new approach & that’s what my new program teaches you.

The Peace of Mind Program is a self-paced online program that you can do in the privacy of your home. 

No one has to know that you’re doing the program.

It teaches you how to step out of who you are right now & into who you need to be to help yourself & your child.

It’s step by step guidance for letting go of all the things that are keeping you STUCK so you can:

  • Rebuild a loving relationship with your child, even if it’s been damaged by addiction
  • Support them from active addiction into sobriety
  • Decide what’s best for you and your family instead of a one size fits all approach
  • Find peace of mind and happiness whether your child is in active addiction or sober

The best part, it’s only $147.  That’s right, you can get all my years of experience packed into one program for less than the cost of 2 coaching sessions with me. 

Since today is my birthday, I have a gift for you.  Use the code BIRTHDAY before July 24th for $20 off!

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