The Mel And Kel Show Podcast Interview

Do you experience envy and jealousy because of your child’s addiction?

It’s easy to be jealous of other parents and how “normal” their lives are with their kids.

Let’s face it, addiction robs us of a lot of experiences we expect to have with our kids.

Addiction came into my family fast and changed my parenting experience seemingly over night.

I went from spending all of my time at competitive cheer competitions with my daughter to losing myself and my delighter in her addiction.

Nothing can prepare you for that so of course I experienced a lot of envy and jealousy of other mothers.

I love the format of this show.

Melissa and Kelly talk about different emotions every month and how to manage them.

Since emotions drive our actions in life it’s an important topic.

One of the show’s hosts, Kelly also has a child struggling with addiction.

We both share our perspective and how we support ourselves and our kids through addiction.