Free 4 Week Workshop
Implement The CRAFT Approach With Your Addicted Child

Hosted by Heather Ross and Beth Syverson

Studies show that 70% of people who use CRAFT are likely to get their loved ones into treatment.

What is CRAFT?

It's an acronym for Community Reinforcement And Family Training - a scientifically supported, evidence - based, clinically proven approach to helping families of substance abusers. Research and clinical trials have given evidence that with the right tools, families can effect change.

CRAFT has 3 goals:

1. Teach you skills to take care of yourself
2. Teach you skills to help your loved one change
3. To reduce substance use

The workshop is built around The Parent's 20 Minute Guide which is a workbook that provides a systematic approach for applying the concepts from the book Beyond Addiction How Science and Kindness Help People Change.

Why aren't more parents trying CRAFT if it works?

One reason is because our brains don't like change.​

We always have fear and doubt about trying new things that aren't super sexy and guaranteed to produce the results we want.​

That's just how our brains work.​

Plus, we're already exhausted and overwhelmed, and the thought of trying one more thing that might not work is heartbreaking.​

That's why we're doing this workshop.​

We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

What will you get from the workshop?

  • Learn from The Parent's 20 Minute Guide - for parents about how to help their children change their substance use written by Center for Motivation & Change
  • Working with others will help you Keep your commitment to yourself to read the guide and learn new skills
  • Digest it and make it your own through group discussion
  • Override fear and doubt by getting answers to your brain's objections about trying something new
  • Learn from other parents who are experiencing the same challenges you are
  • Set an example for your child by learning and growing the way you want them to learn and grow
  • Become the person you've been looking for to help you

What are the dates and topics?

Monday 4/11/22 - 8PM EST / 5PM PST - understanding behaviors and replacing enabling with positive reinforcement

Friday 4/22/22 - 7PM EST / 4PM PST- Managing your response to your child, your emotions, and releasing shame

Wednesday 4/27/22 - 7PM EST / 4PM PST - Communicating with love and positive communication

Monday 5/2/22 - 8PM EST / 5PM PST - Problem solving, positive reinforcement, and allowing consequences​

Attend 1 workshop or all 4.​

Each week Beth and Heather will share their experience implementing CRAFT in their lives relative to that week's topics for the first 20 minutes of the workshop.​

For the next 35 minutes there will be a live Q&A to help you override your brain's objections about implementing CRAFT in your unique situation.​

You will leave each workshop ready to implement the skills you learned from The Parent's 20 Minute Guide.​

Who are Beth and Heather?

Heather Ross is the mother of a child that struggled with addiction, a certified life coach, and host of the Living With Addiction podcast.

Heather tried tough love and other traditional approaches but they weren't working and they were destroying her relationship with her daughter as well. Feeling defeated, Heather stopped everything that wasn’t working and tried something completely different.

The new approach brought unconditional love, balance, and stability to her relationship with her daughter. She educated herself about addiction, focused on strong loving boundaries, and compassion. As a result, she experienced her own healing journey and transformation. It not only repaired but strengthened her relationship with her daughter. It also led to Helanna seeking treatment and starting her own recovery path.

The recovery path is not a straight line. Tragically, In December of 2021 Helanna relapsed and was given a deadly dose of fentanyl.​

After the devastating loss of her daughter, Heather called on her tools and resilience to lean into helping more parents. She's grateful that she did the work on herself to learn how to support her daughter and create a beautiful loving relationship.

Heather has a program for parents that is unique, sustainable, and works during sobriety or active addiction. She believes that parents have more power than they realize, but they need to help themselves in order to help their children.

Heather & Helanna

Beth Syverson is a mom of an 18-year-old son Joey, who has been struggling with addiction and mental health issues for several years.

She struggles with addiction as well, though not with the same substances as her son. This experience has given her empathy for her son's struggles.

She learned to maintain firm boundaries while still nurturing a positive relationship with Joey. She is walking beside Joey as he struggles with his recovery, while she works on her own personal growth and healing.

Joey and Beth started Safe Home Podcast in August 2021 in order to help other families avoid the pain they've endured. Six weeks after it started, Joey relapsed, but he gave Beth his blessing to continue this important work, even suggesting an episode about relapse. Beth is continuing to provide interesting interviews with guests and looks forward to the day that Joey will join her on the podcast again.

In the meantime, Beth speaks to groups about addiction, adoption, parenting, and mental health. She inspires others to become more empathetic and effective with our struggling teens.​

Beth and her son Joey

Beth & Joey

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